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Ag Help Wanted:
Guidelines for Managing Agricultural Labor

elow are links to the selected federal agency sources listed on pages 59-60 of the book. 

Laws and Regulations in Agricultural Employment
     U.S. Department of Agriculture, Economic Research Service
          Summary of Federal Laws and Regulations Affecting Agricultural Employers

     U.S. Department of Labor
Compliance Fact Sheets, Employment Standards Administration
          Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act (MSPA)

          The H-2A Program for temporary employment of . . .
          All about the Minimum Wage -- federal and state
          All about the Minimum Wage -- federal and state
          Comparative summary of state labor laws
          Workers' compensation coverage of agricultural workers, state by state
          elaws (Employment Laws Assistance for Workers and Small Businesses)

     Occupational Safety and Health Administration (DOL agency)
          Ergonomics help

          Workplace violence references

     U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
          Laws and Regulations
          Worker Protection Standard Information

     Immigration and Naturalization Service (formerly U.S. Department of Justice)
          now the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (U.S. Department of Homeland Security)
          Dept of Homeland Security
             Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services
             Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement
                Worksite enforcement overview
             Office of Business Liaison (employer info)
                About Form I-9, employment eligibility verification
                Frequently asked questions about employment eligibility
                Employer information bulletins

     Social Security Administration
          Employer reporting instructions and information
          What employers and employees need to know
          Información en Español
          Employee verification service
          More about verifying employees' names and SS numbers (SSA Region 9)

     Internal Revenue Service
          Farmer's tax guide
          Small business corner

     U.S. Department of Transportation
          Office of Drug and Alcohol Policy and Compliance
          Regulations on transportation of migrant workers

     Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

     National Labor Relations Board

Other Agricultural Employment-Related Information
     Federal Government Website Locator

     U.S. Department of Agriculture
          USDA Agricultural Labor Affairs Coordinator
          National Agricultural Statistics Service
          Economic Research Service, Briefing Room on Farm Labor

     U.S. Department of Labor
          National Agricultural Workers Survey
          National Farmworker Jobs Program, Employment & Training Administration
U.S. Department of Labor: Labor-Related State & Local Resources
          U.S. Department of Labor: State Minimum Wage Laws

     General Accounting Office
     Stat-USA, U.S. Department of Commerce
     U.S. House of Representatives
     U.S. Senate
     Government Printing Office
     Congressional Research Service reports
     Library of Congress: Meta-Indexes for State & Local Government Information
     U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics


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