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Guidelines for Managing Agricultural Labor

Below is a list of the passages in the book that refer to additional information in files or other source sites.  Click the hot text in the line containing any reference that you want to pursue.  We suggest bookmarking this page to streamline your access on future visits. Files in pdf format at many of these links require Adobe Acrobat Reader version 5 to view.

Chapter 1. Roles and Responsibilities of an Agricultural Employer

Chapter 2. Organizational Planning
Page 31 - Its essence is answering questions about results from the business operation (see third and fourth columns of Chapter 1, Fig. 1.1, “Personnel Management in Context”)
     Page 32 - An expanded version is online at
     Page 42- The entirety of Simple Solutions: Ergonomics for Farm Workers (NIOSH, 2001), and a summary list of specific ergonomic tips adapted from it, are available through
     Page 44 - The last one normally triggers a hiring process (see Chapter 3)
     Page 44 - . . . examining one’s own abilities and dispositions relevant to managerial work. Several are available at
     Page 54 - Farmer’s Tax Guide, available online and accessible from
     Page 54 - Among the online sources of information on the MSAWPA is the U.S. Department of Labor page, also available through
     Page 54 - Information about federal anti-discrimination laws can be obtained through, including:
     Page 55 - . . . voluntary coverage of agricultural workers. Specifics are outlined on the U.S. Department of Labor website, linked from
     Page 56 - References and discussion about the Worker Protection Standard for Agricultural Pesticides are available at the WPS forum site, linked to
     Page 56 - . . . importance of good hygiene practices and sanitation facilities. Information is available through
     Page 56 - . . . allegations of sexual harassment. Brochures to help in both English and Spanish are online through
     Page 56 - A page of links to helpful federal agency sites is at
     Page 57 - Handbook No. 719, by Jack Runyan, USDA Economic Research Service, available in hard copy or online at
     Page 57 - Compliance assistance and copious reference material from OSHA is available through
     Page 58 - Farm Labor Contractor Safety and Health Guide is an outstanding, free resource . . .
     Page 58 - Available in both English and Spanish, . . .
     Page 58 - . . . .downloadable along with other publications through the
     Page 58 - . . . rest and meal periods, paydays, right-to-work, and more, see
     Page 58 - The lists on the following pages (of federal agency sources and . . .
     Page 58 - . . . western state agencies that administer employment laws and programs) and . . .
     Page 58 - . . . links to an abundance of required workplace notices and posters are also available online at
     Page 59-60 - Selected Federal Agency Sources
     Page 61 - Information Sources on Employment Law in the Western States
     Page 65 - One example of a fairly extensive written agreement is online at
     Page 65 - A summary of federal requirements for retention of various documents can be found at
          - - - Record Retention Requirements Summary Guide
          - - - Federal Record Retention Requirements for Employers

Chapter 3. Staffing the Farm Business
Page 77 - More information on the ADA is at
     Page 80 - Examples of agricultural job descriptions that are online at
     Page 86 - Detailed information and forms related to the H-2A program are available from DOL and . . .
     Page 86 - . . . updates on proposed rule changes from the USDA Labor Affairs Coordinator, both available at
     Page 90 - For detailed information, see agency links at
     Page 90 - . . . credit worthiness, or social affiliations. Online guides are accessible from
         - Pre-Employment Inquiries
         - Pre-Employment Discrimination Pitfalls
         - Pre-Employment Inquiry Guide
         - Pre-Employment Questioning
         - Illegal Questions
     Page 90 - Instructions and the Form I-9 for doing so are online at
***New information on Social Security "no-match" letters (added Sep. 2007)
     Page 90 - to prove their work authorization in completing the I-9 are at
     Page 90 - Prohibitions for minors in agriculture under federal law are specified at
     Page 93 - Links to examples are at
     Page 94 - An extensive list of references on personnel testing and assessment is at

Chapter 4. Supervising Agricultural Work
Page 113 - A Spanish version of the description is available at

Chapter 5. Managing Employee Performance
Page 163 - See for links to public sources of data for evaluating external equity.
     page 170 - higher of the federal minimum wage or any minimum specified by state or local law, see for more details.
     Page 171 - See Chapter 2 and for links to online references.
         - Federal Employment Tax Forms (Publication 393)
         - Farmer’s Tax Guide (Publication 225)
         - Circular A: Agricultural Employer’s Tax Guide (Publication 51)
         - Circular E: Employer’s Tax Guide (Publication 15)
         - Links to corresponding state publications are at
     Page 173 - . . . rights of both employers and employees are available at
     Page 174 - Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Links to rule summaries are at
     Page 189 - Sample performance appraisal instruments, such as the following, are available at

Chapter 6. Communication and Problem Solving
Page 194 - See for a listing of useful sites.
         - ~ Policies Now employee handbook software
         - HR That ~ Employee Handbook Software
         - ~ employee handbook template
         - Personnel Policy Service, Inc. ~ HR Policy AnswersTM on CD
     Page 206 - This resource can be accessed from
     Page 207 - Brochures to help, in English and Spanish, are at
         - Sexual Harassment is Forbidden By Law
         - La Ley Prohibe El Hostigamiento Sexual
         - Facts About Sexual Harassment
         - Employers Reasonable Care Pack™ is primarily designed to help employers take appropriate action to comply with federal law
     Page 210 - . . . incidents and different responses to them can be viewed at
          Tardiness - a picker arrives in the orchard where the crew is well into its work
          Slow Work - a cow feeder pitches hay as if it were lead
          Inebriation - a field crop irrigator is clearly under the influence
          Poor Quality Work - a picker is filling the bin with rotten fruit, leaves, sticks, etc.
          Theft - the new mechanic seems to have lifted a pneumatic drill from the shop
          Conflict Between Workers - two pickers on the same tree are at each other
          Insubordination - a machine operator refuses to perform an assigned task
          Sleeping on the Job - the field man is dozing under a tractor
          Careless Work - a milker wipes a few cows with the same paper towel
     Page 237 - Some suggested questions (others can be found at . . .


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