Emphasizing Authority

Statement of a rule or directive as legitimate and proper. Implication is that failure to obey violates the organization. It often carries an implied warning.

Ex.: I dont care if you dont want to work in the clean-up crew today.  I am the boss and I assign the work.

I am supposed to suspend you for coming back to work in this condition.  You know the rules here.

As you know, our company policy says that theft of tools is cause for immediate discharge and possibly even criminal prosecution.

Pros & Cons
Authority emphasis is helpful reality therapy to some workers.  While clarifying the legitimate exceptions of an employing organization, though, it is often faulted for ignoring the human level.  Rules that have no reason tend to inspire disrespect for other official standards, and the Im the boss variant of emphasizing authority is a direct invitation to ego battles and subterfuge.

Work situations where this 
response is demonstrated:


Poor Quality Work



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